Tuesday, August 24, 2010

.musical birds.

.musical birds.  With my destash project going on I have sorta felt like I can't be creative.  I mean it's great that I am trying to use up the materials and supplies I have.  I love creating new little books and fun jewelry.  But I have felt like this was me inside the box, not being able to explore new areas of art.  How can I grow, if I limit myself?

Over the weekend I thought of a new project I wanted to make... if we have a girl.  The more I thought about making the project the more I want to make it.  So, yesterday I went to Michael's and bought a couple new art supplies.  Then during Miss L's nap I got dirty painting and cutting and painting. 
The picture I made turned out much different then I pictured it in my head.  But different in a better way.  I would love to hang it up in the baby room if we have a girl.  If we have a boy I will just have to hang it up where I make all my crafts, which I can live with too. 

Making the picture was so much fun.  I felt like I was back in elementary school and had been handed a paint brush for the very first time.  I have been in the habit of telling myself I am not this or that and I think by labeling yourself you start to believe you can't do anything other than what you have been doing for a while.  It was great to explore a new area of art and to have fun with it.  And I didn't even care if I messed up.  Because that was kinda the point.  To explore, have fun, and grow. 
To make this picture I first ripped out pages from an old book, Prince Caspian (the cover is a journal in my shop).  Then I mod-podged them to a canvas board.  After the glue dried, I covered the papers with two coats of off-white acrylic paint - smearing it with paper towel after I coated.  This made the paper show through a little, just enough to notice it was there.  I also added a drop of pink to swirl around on the white.  

When the background was finished I worked on the main picture.  To make the birds I found pictures online, printed them off, transferred them to the old book paper, and cut them out.  Then I painted them in different shades of pink using the smearing technique to make sure the book ink showed through.  I did the same for the musical notes.  The branches I just tore straight from the book, added purple paint, and glued them in place where I wanted them.

The quote is my own and I typed it up in photoshop using French Script size 250.  I printed it off on book paper after inverting the image.  Then I carefully cut out each letter (this took the longest).  I painted them, like I did to the other images, and glued them to the canvas. 
The saying itself, "Every bird sings its own song" means that everyone is different and it is alright to be, were suppose to be, created to be.  I came up with it after thinking about how different this baby will be from Miss L.  I am growing more anxious to meet him or her and see how different they really are... or how similar. 

It was a fairly easy process that explained sounds harder then it was.  Overall I am pleased with it and can't wait for it to dry completely and hang it up somewhere.  I also plan on spraying it with a matte finish, so that it lasts longer.  I am so glad that I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and have fun painting.  You never know how creative you can be if you never try.  .musical birds.


.hil. said...

looks great dez, can't wait to visit you and lydia later today!

Silver Strands said...

That's really sweet and beautiful Desiree! Love it!
(good luck with all the work destashing!)

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! Nicely done.
I love the way the words show through a little bit.