Tuesday, August 3, 2010


.friends.   Let me just say this: I LOVE MY FRIENDS!  On Sunday, I finally got to see a handful of them while I was in Madison.  It always amazes me that even though we go months without seeing or hardly talking we get together and are always the same - like we were never apart.  Only, our children have grown from babies to toddlers and were in new homes (congrats again Jenny & Chase).  I love how comfortable we are with each other and how even with our distance we can still be so, so close. 

Then on Monday, two of my friends surprised me & just dropped by.  I LOVE MY FRIENDS!  I live in a dead zone, my phone works as soon as I exit the driveway... but I have a little one and travel is tough around naps and such... so I don't get my messages much & phone talking is at an all time low.  Anyhow, even though my friends couldn't reach me they came - driving for over an hour, to a new place that neither have been, taking a gamble on whether I would be home or not.  Thank you Jess & Kim for taking that risk & coming to visit.  It means more then you know. I LOVE MY FRIENDS!  I have missed you girls tons, and think we should do this way more then we have in the past year.  .friends.

Oh and get ready for it... there is a picture coming of us in High School, when we did hang out everyday....
seriously, we look so different

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