Wednesday, August 4, 2010

.baptism cards.

.baptism cards.  This month or month and a half I will be preparing for our second little one.  Baby is due to arrive mid-September and I am already thinking that will come before I know it.  With Lydia, I was way over prepared as far as getting things done; I had the house cleaned, baptism invites/birth announcements ready to be mailed, diapers lined up, clothes hung, food stored, blankets handmade & washed, and more.  With this baby I simply have not had the time to do all that, and now feel a little behind as d-day approaches. 

I started to check items off my list yesterday starting with picking out a pattern for our baptism invites/birth announcements.  With Lydia our baptism invite was our birth announcement and it worked fine.  I think we will do the same type of thing this time around as well.  Maybe, I will send a bigger picture with it.... maybe.baptism cards.
For the invitations I went to Anna Skye's Download & Print website.  She has great FREE designs you can use for just about anything.  I narrowed it down to four selections, then after printing and playing around with what I want to add I chose a girl one and a boy one.  (Since we don't know the gender we have to be prepared for either.)  I want to give a personal touch to the card, so if we have a girl I am going to add a doily to it to make it even more feminine and cute.  And, if we have a boy I am going to make a bunch of garland to add. 

What do you think?   Is it too much?  How prepared can you really get for life with a little one?


LAL2LAM said...

These are really cute! I like the doily and the design on the green one!

Desiree said...

Thank you for your input! Glad you like them, they are not my designs just the doily fun is. :)

Silver Strands said...

Very nice Desiree!