Monday, August 30, 2010

.all systems go.

.all systems go.  As we enter September all systems are a go for us.  This weekend we finished up some essential baby things. We packed our hospital bag and put the car seat in the van - it's not installed, but in there.  Now all we have to do is wait for baby.  This pregnancy has been completely different then with Miss. L and I am more excited then ever to have it over with.  With less then two weeks officially left until the big day (although we are prepared to have it be more like three because baby has always been a little off track & Miss L was late), life seems to be on slow time around here, just waiting.

This pregnancy has been different and difficult.  I am not myself and that is crazy hard.  Usually I am go, go, go, get things done.  That attitude ended with the heat of the summer and I have wanted to do nothing these past two months unless it involves a smoothie or trip to get ice cream.  In all seriousness I am ready to get this baby out and start putting my family on some kind of regular healthy diet again.  Not just pizza and hot dogs. 

With Miss. L, I was nesting for the majority of my pregnancy.  I cleaned like I was a merry maid and our house was spotless.  With this one, that instinct has not come yet & I am wondering if it will at all.  Our house has never been this messy.  I should clean but once again that doesn't have the words smoothie related to it, so I might just let it be.

I will let you know when baby two decides to come.  And in advance my blogging will slow down once the wee one arrives.  At least until I get life figured out with two.  Well, as figured out as you can.  .all systems go.

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