Monday, August 16, 2010

.4 simple goals.

.4 simple goals. 
Here are my four simple goals to work on before 2011.

1. Take more pictures of our family.  I have found that I am taking more pictures of items I make then of the ones I love...
2. Make something just for myself, once a month.  Not to sell, not for others (although I should do more of this too), just for myself.  Period.
3. Get dressed up for fun at least one day a week.  Being a stay at home mom, my look has seriously been laxing. 
4. Start & Finish our vacation mini books.  I most definitely need to get these together.  Two vacations (Texas & California) need to equal two mini books.

Inspired by Elsie.  To participate go to Elsie's post for the meaning behind the goals.  I would love to know yours! .4 simple goals.

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Silver Strands said...

Certainly worthy goals Desiree! Good luck :)