Friday, July 2, 2010

.summer loving fat quarter swap - update.

.summer loving fat quarter swap - update.  This summer I wanted to do something fun and new on the blog so I hosted my first swap.  There were only six people who signed up but I thought that was a good thing considering I have never hosted a swap before.  I got a lovely partner (by random draw) Dena from Iowa and had a lot of fun getting to know her.  She so graciously sent me the following; 1/2 yard of gorgeous brown fabric, two fat quarters to match, a yo-you maker, and if that wasn't enough she went over the top by adding a package of raspberry almond m&m premiums.  Thank you for those of you who participated, I don't know if I will host a swap again but this round sure was fun! .summer loving fat quarter swap - update.  

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Terriaw said...

Oh darn, I'm sorry I missed your swap! Love the goodies you received from your partner. I've never seen raspberry almond MnMs-sounds yummy.