Thursday, July 8, 2010

.project mini wreath.

.project mini wreath.  When I was searching for wreath tutorials, I spotted this one by Kayte and thought it was adorable.  Then, I came across this one from Elise and loved her design as well.  So, I combined the two tutorials (there is really not much of a difference) and came out with two mini wreaths (completed project pictures above and below post). 

After completing mine and loving them both I can see how they can be addicting.  I would love to make these forever just to see all the different styles I could create, but I am going to keep trying out new Christmas tutorials - for now.  These are super easy and can help destash your closet - if that's just the kind of thing you need.  Plus, I love how Kayte makes them with non-traditional holiday colors, if you make them like her you could hang them up all year.  You could also shrink the size and make them even smaller as ornaments or an extra special tag on a gift.  When things slow down here... haha that won't happen.... I am going to make a whole slew.
I made my wreaths from scrap fabric, unused yarn, and some extra buttons.  Instead of stapling the fabric I used pins and a dab of glue.  I also used Elise's version and added cushion to my wreaths with some extra batting from a quilt project, I am not sure that this step makes a huge difference though.  I seriously can't wait to find more time to make a bunch of these.   .project mini wreath.


affectioknit said...

Super cute! I love those!

Silver Strands said...

Cute Desiree!