Thursday, July 15, 2010

.ornament swap.

.ornament swap.  I was going to try to make a ridiculous amount of ornament's this week.... But, life got busy and with a one year old, baby on the way, and vacation bible school my house is all sorts of crazy right now.  I did manage to make a couple and will post them tomorrow, granted I find my camera battery charger and have time to charge it.  For now though you can go to Terri's Notebook and look at her flickr group for her Ornament Swap this July.  The swap is closed, but there are some great ideas for you to get started on.  While your at flickr just type in ornament and be amazed at all the beauties, or just click here.  I am loving the birds I found on there... and may have to get the pattern.  .ornament swap.

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Terriaw said...

Love those birds too! So simple and pretty. They remind me of a pattern I've seen on The Purl Bee. Maybe we'll have to do another ornament swap later in the year. Thanks for the shout-out!