Friday, July 16, 2010

.ornament to do.

.ornament to do.  I have failed at getting ornaments made this week.  Life was just too busy.  And by busy I mean CRAZY - yes it needed to be all caps.  Our church hosts vacation bible school every summer, as many do, and goes ALL OUT.  This year we had over 500 children participate!  Both awesome and a little scary at the same time.  I love seeing all the little ones learn about the love of our awesome God & singing silly songs and making crafts with them is just as fun. 

Enough about vbs though.  I did make a few ornaments from this tutorial by Elise.  They turned out alright, not nearly as perfect as hers.  Below is a list of the ornaments I would love to make for this upcoming Christmas season.  .ornament to do.

to do, ornament list:
teardrop ornament by a little hut
ruffle pomander ornament by kojo designs
cardboard stars by muffin tin mom
felt ornament by crafty pod
old book ornament by how to do something

...and for more ornament link love visit one pretty thing, go to her categories, and find all of her fabulous links to ornaments, trust me you will not be disappointed.  Her site is a marvel of wonderful tutorials and idea inspiration.


Beth said...

Just discovered your corner of the blog world. Loving it! I'm impressed you have an ornament to do list :) truly an inspiration!

oh, hello friend. said...

love that you're doing christmas in July. cute ornaments! have a great weekend! xo.

Terriaw said...

These are gorgeous ornaments that I'm going to save! I have made those paper ornaments inspired by design sponge, and I just love them. Thanks for sharing this list!