Tuesday, July 20, 2010

.little gifts, mini journals.

.little gifts, mini journals.  This past week, I have really been focusing on getting people checked off from my Christmas list.  I bought someone (can't say who) a really cool pencil set from Paper Pastries, and I needed an extra gift to put with them.  I thought a journal would be great - but I didn't want to make a big one so I decided mini was the way to go.  After making a couple, I decided that 4" x 6" was the perfect size and vowed to make a whole slew of them with a bunch of card stock I had in my stash (hooray for some destash!). 
They are very simple to make, and when you put two or three together they make the perfect addition to any gift.  They will be great for jotting down notes, lists for the store, anything really and they are small enough to practically fit anywhere. .little gifts, mini journals.

To make these mini journals:
1. take a piece of card stock and cut it 8.25" by 6" (so their a little bit bigger on the 4" side, but that's ok).
2. grab 12 sheets of paper to fill your book, cutting it a little bit smaller then the outside card stock.  I cut mine, 8" by 5.75". 
3. fold all pieces in half, This works best if you do the card stock separate & then do the 12 sheets in groups of 4. 
4. flatten out paper, line up so paper & card stock are centered, punch with crop-a-dile: one on each end.
5. take some string/thread/ribbon and put through.  Tie & close.
6. Admire what you made! You have a lovely mini journal. 

I am placing mine in groups of three for the perfect addition to any gift.  I also made so many that some will be available in the shop soon, if you would rather not cut and tie :).  Have a lovely day!


Forrest said...

Nice idea, it's great to give a peace of yout heart with the gift. I used to make gifts instead of buying maybe until my 12-13 years...

Silver Strands said...

Oooh Desiree! LOVE these! The idea is wonderful, and the instructions perfect. Thanks :)

Terriaw said...

These journals really are a great gift idea! I love the embellishments you gave them. I need to make a slew of these too!

stephjacobson said...

Very nice! I need to make some of these for myself. I have random scraps of paper with random notes everywhere!