Wednesday, July 21, 2010

.little gifts, cake stands.

Tea party cake stands
.little gifts, cake stands.  Do you ever bring gifts for the host of the party?  I normally do not, just because I never know what to get.  However, I wish I did & I think it's awesome when people do.... because, lets be honest, hosting a party is a lot of work. 
My mom always brought a little gift to give to the host, even if it was a tray of cookies the host always seemed delighted and very thankful.  I think that bringing a tin or plate of cookies is great, but think they would be so much better on a cake stand! 
One of my favorites!
I came up with how to make these cake stands after trying to find cheep versions for my sisters bridal shower tea party (next summer, yes I am on top of things).  I couldn't find any under $20.00 anywhere, so I decided to make my own. 
All you need is one ridiculously cute plate and a base.  The base could be a cup, candle holder, martini glass, vase, wine glass, or anything that looks sturdy.  I made a bunch for Hill's shower and the cost of about 8 of them was around $25.00, thanks to goodwill.  Although I originally made mine for a tea party they could also make great gifts accompanied with Christmas treats to give to a party host.  .little gifts, cake stands.
This is a perfect plate for a white Christmas!
To make these cake stands:
All you need is: cute plate, cute base, e6000, q-tips.
1. Pick out one plate and one base, make sure they work well together and the base will fit inside the bottom of the plate.
2. Clean plate and base.
3. After letting dry, turn plate upside down & place base right side up.
4. Place a strong layer of E6000 around the rim of base top (where it will be connected to the plate).
5. Turn base upside down and press firmly onto plate bottom, making sure that it is centered and even.
6. Clean up extra glue with a q-tip (might require more then one).
7. Make sure base and plate are still centred with one another & leave it alone for one day.  AS IN DO NOT TOUCH (I made the mistake of flipping some early & I had to start over). 
8.  After one day, you can flip over and use! 
Congrats you just made an easy and adorable little gift (after use, hand wash only).


Toni said...

This is a great idea. I'm obsessed with cake stands and tiered trays so this is perfect for my little obsession! TFS!

Leslie said...

I totally love this idea and am trying to find the perfect pieces to make a stand to hold a few cupcakes. Thanks for reminding me I STILL need to get busy on that.

Anonymous said...

great idea, and tute! I am hostig a bridal shower in a couple of weeks and am going to do this.

Anonymous said...

great idea, and tute! I am hostig a bridal shower in a couple of weeks and am going to do this.

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