Friday, July 23, 2010

.little gifts, no peaking mask.

.little gifts, no peaking mask.   Today's little add on gift is a no peaking mask!  This would pair perfectly with a spa relaxation gift.  Or you could use it as a tag on the outside and write no peaking on it!  How cute.  The tutorial is from my sister Hilary who just started a blog over at the ant hil.  Please pay her blog a visit to thank her & see a really, really, cute drawing that she posted yesterday.  Have a wonderful day & Merry Christmas, in July! .little gifts, no peaking mask.
Hello all, this is Hilary from the ant hil.  As part of her "Christmas in July" series, Dez has asked me to share a tutorial for an easy add on gift for Christmas.  Thus I present you with the "No peaking until Christmas" sleep mask tutorial!  Although there are a lot of steps this mask is super easy and can be made quick for a last minute gift.
no peaking until Christmas sleep mask
Materials:  fabric for front of mask- about 6'' by 10'', coordinating silky fabric for back of mask, strap- one piece 6'' by 10',' and another strap 1.5'' by 20'', coordinating thread, thin elastic-13.5'' in length, fusible fleece interfacing (quilt batting can substitute), ribbon/trim (optional).
Tools:  sewing machine, pins, ruler/measuring tape, pen/pencil, needle, knife, safety pin, over-sized sun glasses (optional)
1)  Cut and press fabric (be sure to adjust the iron settings for the different fabrics)
2)  Fold the longest piece in half lengthwise and pin.  Sew with a seam allowance large enough for your elastic to fit through.  My elastic is 1/4'' and I used a seam allowance of 1/2''.  Don't forget to back stitch at the ends!
3)  Trim the fabric strip to 1/8'' then use a safety pin to turn the strip right side out.  Use the safety pin again to slide the elastic through the tube.  Secure the ends of the elastic with pins.
4)  Sew the ends of the elastic close, back stitching a couple of times to secure.  Trim the ends of the elastic.  You are now finished with the strap, set it aside for later.

5)  Lay your sunglasses on a sheet of paper and roughly sketch around them for the mask shape.  In order to have a mask that blocks out light it will need to be much larger than the glasses- take this into consideration when sketching your pattern.  Also, remember to account for seam allowance!
6)  Cut out the pattern, for symmetry fold the paper in half before cutting.
7)  You can either iron on the fusible fleece interfacing now or after cutting the pattern pieces.  Iron to the wrong side of the fabric following the interface's instructions.  For a softer sleep mask, use the fleece interfacing on both the front and back of the mask.
8)  Pin your pattern to the fabric and cut out both front and back pieces.  If you did not already apply the interfacing you will need to cut out one or two pieces of interfacing as well and repeat step 7.
9)  Now is the time to add any embellishments to the front of your mask.  Just remember not to put anything too close to the edges.  For my mask I added a simple bow by hand stitching it on.
10)  Pin your elastic strap at even heights to the back of your mask's right side.  I pinned mine near the middle of each side.  Make sure the strap doesn't get twisted as you pin it.
11)  Pin the front and back of the the mask together with right sides facing each other, sandwiching the elastic.  Make sure the elastic strap stays near the center to ensure it won't get sewn into the mask.
12)  Using a 1/4'' seam allowance, begin sewing at the top side of the mask.  Continue sewing around the mask; leave at least 1.5'' to turn the mask right side out.
13)  Trim if needed around the corners of the mask- do not trim near the opening.  Turn right side out, use a knife to even out the edges from the inside.  Press to smooth out any wrinkles.
14)  Top stitch around the mask or hand stitch to secure the opening.  I used a blind stitch for my mask's closure for a seamless finish.
15)  Package as an add on gift for a friend or use for yourself to relax during the holidays!

I hope you all enjoyed, thanks for having me- xoxo hill


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Thanks again Hill! Love it :)

My Owl Barn said...

This looks great! Thanks for the instructions!