Wednesday, June 30, 2010

.vacation {day 4}.

.vacation {day 4}.  On Sunday, we went to the Long Beach Antique Flee Market which has over 800 dealers and is set up on 20 acres of property.  I was in awe of all sorts of amazing things and probably could have stayed there all day.  I also would probably have bought more if I didn't have to travel on a plane and carry it with me (like the table and chair set pictured above, it would fit perfectly on our patio). 
After the flee market we found ourselves eating lunch in downtown Long Beach at Rock Bottom Brewery.  It seems that Rock Bottom is our restaurant of choice while on vacation and we have now eaten there in four different states.  We then drove along the coast, got a shake at Ruby's diner, and ended the day in Laguna Beach for the sunset.  Our vacation was great and we would love to go back to California anytime. 
Monday we woke up early and traveled all day... we were excited to get back to the adorable little one (pictured below).  Although we were only gone 5 days I missed her tons! .vacation {day 4}.


Desiree said...
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Zeahnna said...

wow love this blog so much. I'm glad u had a great time traveling.