Tuesday, June 29, 2010

.vacation {day 3, part 2}.

.vacation {day 3, part 2}.  My vacation posts will continue with the reason we went to Southern California - Brian and Amanda's Wedding!  Saturday afternoon Brian and Amanda got married in Orange, CA.  The wedding was beautiful and everyone was in awe of how many flowers they had at the church, reception, and in the bouquets.  Amanda had so many roses in her bouquet it was beautiful!  I didn't get too many pictures of the ceremony (or after for that matter) for a couple reasons.  One, I kinda feel weird taking pictures during ceremonies because the service is intended to honor the Lord.  And two, I always want to enjoy myself at weddings in the company of great friends. 
After the service, Aaron and I played around at the park in the church school yard and then headed to the reception site.  It was fun to see all the guys back together again (we missed you Quinn) since we are now spread across the country. We all had a lot of fun and dinner was phenomenal.  Congratulations again Brian and Amanda, May God bless your marriage always!  .vacation {day 3, part 2}.

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