Wednesday, June 23, 2010

.vacation {day 1}.

.vacation {day 1}.  We made it home safely from our awesome trip to California.  Neither Aaron or I have ever been there, so we had a blast exploring new places and seeing far away friends.  On day one we left super early to catch our flights, both were uneventful with the exception of us sitting directly by the propellers and not being able to hear each other the rest of the day.  When we arrived we met up with some friends and went to Balboa Island.  It was fun and my only regret is not getting more taffy. .vacation {day 1}.

pictures: Balboa beach from the pier, flying over Colorado, beautiful tree outside Paradise Perks, carousel, delightful taffy, soda-pop - the raspberry lemonade was AMAZINGLY refreshing, beautiful flowers.

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