Wednesday, June 16, 2010

.locks of love.


.locks of love.  I have wanted a hair cut for a few months now, but I also wanted my hair to be long enough to donate it to locks of love.  So I have waited, hoping that it would grow to be long enough.  I donated my hair once before, right after my wedding, and it was much longer.  So going into my hair appointment last night was a bit nerve racking and overwhelming. 

The past few weeks though, I have found a couple of blog posts that have really kept me thinking about what it is really for.  This little girl, Hope, donated her hair for a family friend Cooper who is only 4 years old and battling leukemia.  Her mother wrote about it on her blog as Something that Counts, I highly recommend you watch the video to see how incredibly long her hair was when she donated it. And while your there, read Sarah's story, it will change how you look at forgiveness forever. 

I have also been encouraged by Silver Strands.  She started her blog when her mother was diagnosed with cancer.  She also donated all of her silver strands so that her mom could have a wig and wear it until her own hair grows back.  Her video (on bottom of her blog) is really fun to watch, as I said before she donated ALL HER HAIR.  After looking at her blog, I no longer was terrified of being bald (or close to it) because she totally rocks her new look. 

With all that said, I was still calling myself a chicken as I sat in the chair and waited for my own hair to be chopped.  But, it is for a great cause and it is only hair - hair that will grow back.  So, without further ado, here is my new look.  It's the shortest I have ever had it cut.  And it will need to be styled every day because I woke up with a poof -ball atop my head this morning (seriously, that is no joke).  But, I do like it.  Have you ever donated your hair? .locks of love.

this one you can see the back


affectioknit said...

Awesome haircut! and such a good cause!

Sarah Markley said...

oh!! i love it. thank you so much for sending me the link.

your new cut rocks. =)how cute you are!!

Lisa Leonard said...

love love love it! so spunky!! and i love your sweet heart. xo

Silver Strands said...

You are so sweet Desiree! And the new style is absolutely gorgeous! So glad there are people like you in our world.

Kelly and Sara said...

I love ths short look!

Laurel said...

hey dez! super cute, and great cause! colin donated his hair to locks of love too :)