Thursday, June 3, 2010


.flickr.  I just joined flickr last week and I have not gotten the hang of it, yet.  I love looking at and adoring others photos like this one, which is so beautiful and what our skyline looked like last night (minus the lake of course).  I love exploring everyone else's photography and the beauty they create, but I need help.  Do you have flickr? Any tips for a newbie?  How do you copy the picture, just to put it on your blog with a link? (can you tell I tried)  .flickr.


Silver Strands said...

Oh my word Desiree! That is a gorgeous picture ... wish I could help you, but alas! I'm no flickr genius. Good luck :)

ApachesPrincess said...

I joined flickr awhile ago and I think I've found the trick - since I've always had the same problem as you! When it loads, highlight the picture and click copy and then paste it into your blog post. This works for my blog, I hope it works on your to!