Friday, June 4, 2010

.family fun.

.family fun.  Yesterday my sister drove down to spend the day with us.  We went to a little town nearby that I like to call Plesantville because it's so cute and perfect, most people call it Cedarburg.  We had a ton of fun going into all the cute little artsy shops and I even bought a gift for Christmas, gasp.  This is not such a surprise when you find out I will be done by July 25th this year (self set goal) - for practical reasons such as having a baby in early fall & not wanting to shop then. 
We also found a great tea hat for my sisters wedding shower, which will have a tea party theme, next summer - I can't wait to find the perfect ubber ridiculous hat for myself.  Her's is the one I am wearing in the picture, so cute.
After Aaron got done with work, we took some family photos together since the last time we did that was in September.  Lets just say the picture below is how most of it went.... not so well, not so well at all, haha.  We did manage to get a few kinda good ones and I am going to edit them and post them up sometime later.  All in all we had fun as a family, I love my sister days and can always count on great laughs.  Thanks Hill. .family fun.


Silver Strands said...

Cute pics ... looks like you had a blast :)

lisawith4 said...

we have a few family photos like that also.. ha ha, very cute!