Friday, June 11, 2010

.button hair ties.

.button hair ties.  Ever since I saw the fabric button necklace tutorial from Novita at ::verypurpleperson::  I was dying to try it out.  Since I made my first necklace a couple days ago, I cannot stop thinking of what else I could make with a button.  I have seen many button hair ties and thought I would give it a go on my own.  Here is how I did it, hopefully this will inspire you to go and make some.  Caution: can be addicting.  .button hair ties.
*Fabric covered button kit. For this project I used size 1 1/8", however any size will work.  There are a variety of sizes ranging from 1/2" to 1 7/8". 
*Fabric scraps
*Ponytail holder.  I use the thick Goody Ouchless hair ties.  If you are making this project with buttons smaller then 1 1/8", I recommend getting thinner hair ties.
*Tweezers or pliers.
Step 1: Make a fabric button, (if you don't know how go to the first half of this tutorial or simply look at the back of the kit package), leaving the "button part" or shank on.  When making fabric buttons I use an extra layer of fabric so that the silver metal does not shine through.
Step 2: Cut about four or five pieces of string.
the pictures are labeled with the step number (bottom two are of same step)

Step 3: Loop the string through your hair tie.
Step 4: Place the string through the shank on the button.
Step 5: Put the hair tie around your wrist, this is to help make the hair tie smaller in order to fit it through the button shank.  With your other hand pull on the string, pulling the hair tie through button shank.  Note: you will not have to work as hard if you get smaller hair ties, but personally I like the thicker ones.  The thicker hair ties will fit button sizes 1 1/8" and up, for buttons smaller than 1 1/8" use the smaller hair ties.
Step 6: Take out the string and insert a pliers or tweezers through the small loop. 
Step 7: Grab a hold of the larger loop with the tweezers and pull through the smaller loop. 
Step 8: Pull tight to secure.  Flip over, admire & use! 
here are a few I made, hanging in my work area


Silver Strands said...

Those are really cute, and actually look do-able to me. (love your word of caution!)

gardenmama said...

thank you for sharing your creativity! : )

adrisbow said...

awesome... shared on FB!