Tuesday, May 4, 2010

.there is no excuse, but.

.there is no excuse, but.... I am giving you some anyways.  Sorry I have been awall for the past few months.  Things around our house have been out-of-control.  We are busy, and sick, and busy, and always on the go. 

Excuse one:  I have a one year old... I don't think this needs any explanation but here it is.  She is the kind of one year old that constantly needs attention, and the kind that likes to be held.  The kind where you can't just put her on the floor to play, you actually need to play with her.  Thats the kind we have & I love her.

Excuse two: We have been sick, first me, then Lydia, then me again.  Now we are finally in the clear - YAY!

Excuse three: We have moved, we are still unpacking and situating ourselves over here in Sussex.  Even though we have only been here about a week I love it, and am so glad we decided to upgrade.  I have also moved my shop from Etsy to 1000 markets, the new shop address is: http://www.1000markets.com/users/simplysimon

Excuse four: I am pregnant! So on top of being sick, I am also tierd.  We are very excited for baby number 2!  He or She will grace us with their presance around mid-to late- September.

So... those are my excuses for being absent.  Hope you in the blogging world are doing alright, being creative, and enjoying life.

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