Thursday, May 13, 2010

.summer loving fat quarter swap.

.summer loving fat quarter swap.  I love online swap's, although I have only participated in a couple it's so nice to recieve a lovely package in the mail, rip it open, and discover a new treasure.  This summer I have decided to host a fat quarter plus swap.  If this sounds fun to you, the rules and sign up information is below, you have until May 31st to sign up.  .summer loving fat quarter swap.

1. You will be required to send out one fat quarter.  Please make it a nice one, one you would LOVE to recieve yourself.
2. Here is the plus part.  You will be required to send a little something extra.  Get to know your parter, find out what they like and go from there.  This is a summer swap so get creative sending out a little summer sunshine.  It can be awesome buttons, extra fabric, a pretty necklace, some koolaid, whatever. If you own a small shop it can be something little from there. Please keep this extra gift around $10.00 just to keep it fair for everyone participating.
3. You must send out your package no later then June 21st. 
4. You will need to let me know when you recieve your package, hopefully by June 28th .  If you have a blog, you can post about it and send me the link.  If you do not have a blog or website, you can still participate.
5. You need to be a U.S. resident to participate.  In the future I might host international swaps, but right now it is for U.S.A. citizens only.

To Sign Up.
1. Email me at with the following information.
      *Your name
      *Your email
      *Your address
      *Your blog URL if you have one, if not you can still participate.

Extra Info.
1. You have until May 31st to sign up.
2. I will be assigning partners and mailing out swap information by Friday, June 4th.
3. Packages must be sent out no later than June 21st (the official start of summer).
4. You need to let me know you recieved your package by June 28th. 
5. If you sign up and do not follow through you will not be able to participate in any .simply.simon. swap's in the future.  I will be checking in to make sure everyone recieves a lovely package. I have participated in a couple swaps where my partner "forgot" to send the item or did not follow through on all the rules.  This is for the best for everyone, so please be truthful on fulfilling your obligations.

If you would like to spread the word, please take the following button and link back here.  Thanks.

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