Wednesday, May 26, 2010

.sew mama sew - giveaway review.

.giveaway review.  I love the giveaways hosted by sew mama sew & look forward to them twice a year.  I think it's a great chance to explore new blogs and find incredible shops.  This time around I wasn't quite up to par as I was last time, but I also have far more going on in my life.  I found that many people were in the same boat as me trying desperately to pull something together in the nick of time.

Sorry if I hurt your feelings here, but I discovered a couple new trends that I do not like.  First a couple people gave away bags of scraps... I am not opposed as you can create beautiful things with scraps, but add something too the giveaway people!  I also saw that these are in... really, is it just me or are these themselves just scraps making the whole thing garbage (I'm just sayin...).

On the flip side there are also many, many, wonderful blogs out there are are beyond beautiful and full of inspiration.  This cutie pie is in love with quilting and just got back from Quilt Market, very awesome indeed.  She also went to Quilt Market, so jealous.  Her shop is so adorable.  This mama of six, SIX, has a lovely fabric shop & quilting skills to die for. And I adore her style.

I also won a couple of giveaways!  I won a lovely set of fat quarters from Crafty Jennifer.  I recieved them today and already have ideas brewing away.  I also won two sets of bags from the Green Bag Lady - they are all going to my sisters & I am excited to tell them they won. :)  All in all it was a good round of giveaways, next time I will be more prepared and have a wonderful homemade prize for my winner. .giveaway review.


Shana said...

I didn't know about it in time to give anything away myself but I entered almost all of them and won 4. I will be watching for next time though so I can give away something too. I don't think it will be scraps

Desiree said...

haha... I must be in a bad mood today. I love my scrap bags - you really can create beauty from them. I don't know about those selvaged edges though... they look too cheap for me.