Tuesday, May 25, 2010

.mini van... this has nothing to do with crafts.

.mini van.  So a couple weeks ago we crossed the point of no return.  We got a mini van.  First let me say I never, EVER, thought I would own a mini van and if I ever did (yeah right) I would swear to hate it forever.  Then we had Lydia and realized our car was not going to be big enough as she grew - a KIA with a kid... I mean I love you Kiki (car's name) but your just not big enough, especially for two.  We had been looking at SUV's because we never thought we were the mini van type - but there is no, I mean NO trunk space (how are you suppose to travel?).  Therefore, a mini van was a practical realization Aaron and I agreed upon.  And now that I have Chopper (van's name - after hitting a plywood board) I am in love with another man :).  He has so much room I could live out of him, and having a vehicle with air conditioning is beyond a blessing.  Anyhow, just thought that since I'm now a proud owner of a mini van I would post a little video to go with it.  For the record we bought a Honda Odyssey, but these Toyota commercials are pure comical & I love them almost as much as our Chopper. .mini van.

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