Friday, May 14, 2010

.have you ever.

.have you ever. This week I have been working on the brown bag I posted about here.  I ran into trouble on Tuesday night when I realized I didn't cut enough fabric.  It wouldn't have been a big deal except I made the scraps into this pillow.  So Wednesday I scrambled to find a fabric store close enough to us that sells Amy Butler fabric.  I am thanking the Lord there was one really close, like five minutes away from my play date, and I am also thankful that they had the design I needed.  Have you ever done that, or am I alone on this one?  Next time I will double and triple check I have all that I need before I decide to go and make somthing with the leftovers.  Since then I have finished the bag and will be putting it up in the shop sometime next week.  I need to take some more photos of it first.  .have you ever.

little things to note:
*Today Lisa Leonard is having a giveaway on her blog.  Her items are so lovely, anyone would be lucky to win.
*Monday is the start of sew-mama-sews Mayday-giveaway.  Check their blog early for a complete list of bloggity blog giveaways.  It should be fun, I always love the tour and the giveaways are an extra treat.
*If you haven't signed up, sign up for my summer loving swap - details here.

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