Friday, May 7, 2010


.distracted.  This week I have gotten off task. Distracted by the beautiful book I received as an early Birthday/Mothers Day gift.  I know that both are not until next week, but when I know it's a sewing book that I can use... it's mine as soon as the mail man leaves it in the box.  This year Aaron & Lydia got me the Handmade Beginnings the new book by Anna Maria Horner.  So naturally I stopped what I was working on and began a new project.  The better half of the past couple days have been spent piecing together scraps to make the Scrappy Nap Pillow. And it truly is adorable. The colors I decided upon were a mixture of pink and brown, many of the scraps are Amy Butler.   .this is a good distraction.

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Caren @ The Attic Studio said...

Cute pillow! And I love that duffel too! Thank goodness for good distractions!

Thanks for the shout out in the earlier post. :)