Friday, May 21, 2010

.business cards.

.business cards.  Since I switched over to 1000 markets, I decided I should probably make new business cards.  Last time around, my sister and I ordered some from vista print - you only have to pay for shipping if you choose some of their basic designs.  This time I wanted to make my own.  I wanted them to be simple, yet stand out.  Before I show you my finished product, I have a few others I found browsing for ideas (by the way if you have a few hours to kill - type business cards into google or flickr... there are hundreds of great ones out there). I hope you liked what I created, there are so many business cards out there are are really inspiring .business cards.
.the unique.

.the beautiful.

.the ones with fabric art.

.my new cards. .enjoy.


Shana said...

Oh my gosh those are so pretty. I love them. I never realized how many types there were.

hilsimon said...

Dez, I love these!!! They are absolutely adorable, it makes me want to make some new ones of my own- too bad I still have a bunch I just ordered :(

Plastic business cards said...

Superb lovely idea..thanks for sharing...!!!