Wednesday, December 2, 2009

.saint nick.

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.saint nick. Did you grow up with Saint Nicholas?  I did not.  My husband did not.  But... I would like to include Him in our new family traditions.  First because I think that those stocking I hung up need to be filled with something early.  Second because I cannot wait until Christmas to give my family what they diserve and what I want to give them.  And third because Saint Nick is way cooler than Santa.  This weeks finds are dedicated to good old Saint Nick.  .saint nick.



Lisa said...

Beautiful gifts!! Do we win them all? I hope so!!! I see I am the first!! I hope this ups my chances!!! Love the Nordic socks. My husbands family are Norwegian and these would make great gifts!!!

gardenmama said...

We also celebrate Saint Nicholas day!
I am preparing to fill my childrens shoes with special little fruits, chocolates and gifts : )
The stockings are lovely, what a sweet little bell!



hi all the way from portugal!

i need your address! YOU WON my givaway!!!!!