Tuesday, November 24, 2009

.oh, hello friend.

.oh, hello friend.  I just want to get this out before I die holding it in any longer.... ahhhhhhhh, totally screaming like a little girl in a great, an awesome way!  In October I signed up for Pattie's, of My Structured Choas, Shop Swap & Blog.  I thought it would be a great way to get some lovely mail.  I ended up with Danni from oh, hello friend as my partner!  Hence, the release of joy in my first sentence.  Seriously - I am still giddy about it!   Anyhow, Danni's blog is awesome, inspiring, super pretty, and just lovely to stare at.  Her designs are cute as can be, and her shop is adorable.  I also love that she loves some of the same  random things I do; rain, Africa, travel, making lists, lip balm...etc.  I think we would be really good friends if I did not live in Wisconsin, and her in California. 

Here is a little info about the shop swap.  Danni was a darling and sent me so many lovely items. First, her packaging is super cute all around.  I would love to get some decorative tissue paper like this to wrap some gifts in for Christmas.

After unwraping her tissue paper I discovered a couple little gifts.  I received a business card, a post card, and a lovely little book lable sticker.

Inside the brown package was a roll of decorative tape.  The tape is great, I could not get a good detailed shot of it though because it is really little.... you will just have to trust me.

I also got a pocket mirror.  These are currently in her shop, lovely lace pocet mirror, and sell for $5.00.

Then I opened the little envelope and received a hair pin.  Here is a link to her hair pins.  She sells them as follows:  one for $5.00, two for $8.50, and three for $14.00.  I have already worn mine and it produced some nice compliments.  It really is adorable.

I also pulled out a mini magnet.  This little thing looks like its not strong but it can hold its own!

Thank you Danni, I love all my items!  I will have my interview with Danni up shortly, so you will all be able to get to know her a little more.  How she creates, why she started crafting, what inspires her, etc.  Please come back, you won't want to miss it. .oh, hello friend.

Visit Oh, hello friend:  blog, shop, twitter, & facebook.

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