Thursday, November 19, 2009


.hunters.  Ok... so I am a day late on my whimsical Wednesday, but here it is anyhow.  I live in Wisconsin and that means opening deer hunting season is starting, this Saturday to be exact.  I thought it would be good to show the guys and gals who hunt that I appreciate them doing so.  Here are a couple items I found through etsy searching for hunting items.  I think they are all cute, and I know cute is not in a hunters vocabulary but that's what these are, so that's the word I am using.  The artists who make these items are way talented and super creative.  Anyhow, good luck all you hunters, please stay safe, and get the big thirty pointer you all dream of.  And a special good luck to Alyssa, my sister.  She has been hunting for many years now & has not gotten one yet, this is your year - I can feel it.  .hunters.

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