Friday, November 13, 2009


.8+5.  Oh baby girl, you are growing too fast.  So fast in fact that I did't even have time to post a happy 7 months and now we are well into our 8th.  Happy eight months, plus five days, Lydia.  You sure are keeping us busy. 

This is you right now:
   pulling toys constantly out of their box
   army crawling your way to trouble
   happy when I am in the room (this is no joke, I can't leave the room without you worrying where I have gone)

Mostly I see:
   a little girl who is growing too fast.  One that I love to death, even when you drive me CRAZY.

little facts about you:
   you say ma, ba, da, ga.... a lot.  your little body makes a lot of noise & I believe you will be quite a little talker.
   you still fit into size 6 months clothes, and even some 3 month shirts.  your a little peanut, but hey someone has to be in the tenth percent.
   you always want whatever we are holding over your own toys.
   your laugh is hilarious, its more of a sweet giggle.
   you laugh when I blow raspberrys on your belly, really loud.
   you finally like bath time and you cry when its time to get out, even if your covered in goose bumps.
   you have the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen on anyone, they are simply beautiful.
   you always want the next step, you look at older children and want to do what they can.
   your favorite baby food is carrots, however you would rather eat what we are.
   you know you should not play with the cords on the ground, but they are better to play with then your toys. 
   you are shy around other babies, just taking them in and smiling.  It takes you a while to warm up to them, you are quiet & shy at first.
   you like to be held in a standing position.
   you love the toys that are in your crib, especially the fish & bubbles one.
   you love to hang out with daddy, but only until you are tierd, wet or hungry, then its mommy all the way. 
   we love you more then you will ever know.

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