Wednesday, September 9, 2009

.power of prayer.

"Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.  The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results."
James 5:16

.prayer is powerful.  When I was in Liberia, Mandie said, "we have the power to move mountains, through prayer".  She said that meaning we as God's people.  On that same trip I saw God heal me in a miraculous way, moving a mountain so to speak.  It was our third week there and I had not been feeling very well for a couple days.  Earlier in the week I had a tooth infection and I was still recovering from those headaches and shooting pains.  I woke up dizzy and cold, Liberia is close to the equator and really hot all the time, so we knew something else was wrong.  Tammy called doctor Paul to come over and have a look at me.  He decided to treat me for malaria, even though he was not 100% sure thats what I had.  My symptoms fit, except for the puking - with which I am very grateful. 

That day I spent my time laying on the Dunseaths couch sleeping and having the chills.  I felt horrible.  I wanted to leave and go home.  I wanted someone to pack up my things put me on a plane so I could wake up in my bed.  I just wanted to not be sick.  I knew that God would heal my sickness and I wanted it to be fast.  Now, malaria usually lasts a while a long while.  It is not something you wake up from the next day and say wow that was rough, it usually takes at least a week to recover.  

That morning, as soon as we knew what it was, Mandie sent out an email to everyone back home asking for prayer.  Those who got it sent it out to others and the prayers started.  People prayed that I would get better & get better fast.  God answered that prayer and by that evening, after sleeping & sweating all day, I was starting to feel better.  By the next morning I felt 150x better, just a bit tired.  I was even well enough to walk about 8 miles to visit our Bible study girls!  That is the power of prayer.  God hears all prayer, when prayed in Jesus name, and has the power to produce wonderful results.  How awesome He is. 

Lately I feel like I have not taken prayer seriously.  I feel like I easily put it off for later, later never really coming around.  If prayer has such power, why do I not pray?  If God is so generous in healing sickness, struggles, brokenness... why do I put it off for a later time?  If God gives me so much, why do I not thank Him?  If God can move mountains, why are we just fine with where they are?  I need to pray and keep praying.  I need to pray for others, for myself.  I need to pray to thank the Lord for what I have.  You and I have the chance each day to move mountains, please pray today... for yourself, for others. .prayer is powerful.

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