Friday, September 4, 2009

.be careful of what you say.

.be careful of what you say. I could not pick one verse to focus on in James 3. I couldn't. Half of the chapter talks about controlling our tongues. We have to, we must be careful what we say & when we say it. What we say has destructive power. James compares our tongues wickedness to a raging fire. When our speech is motivated by Satan it is full of destruction, it is jealous, full of self ambition, it is nonspiritual, we have disorder, and evil. When we have God's wisdom in our speech it is full of purity, peace, consideration, compassion, submission, mercy, goodness.
I need to watch what I say. My words can do damage, real damage, hurtful damage. This is a hard lesson for me to take on. This is a hard change that I need to make. I have never been good, EVER, at thinking before I talk. I let my tongue say what it wants and I am often correcting what I say later. I have to learn to think before I start talking. I have to learn to speak with Godly wisdom in mind. I do not want to destroy, I don't want my words to hurt. I need to work on this everyday. How do you control your tongue? Is it hard for you, like me? be careful of what you say.

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