Thursday, August 6, 2009

.spa day.

.spa day. .spa day. .SPA DAY. I am so overexcited for tonight. I get to go have time to myself, yay! I am going to get a massage and then my hair cut - about 4 hours to just chill. awesome. This is definitely needed, especially after my yesterday.
.yesterday. I watched my friends little girls - ages 3 &1- and although I love them, they plus mine can be a handful. The plus mine was the major handful, fussing because we were somewhere new and teething - ouch on both of us. I had plans to get some quiet time in and crafting done when they were all *suppose* to align their naps and give me bliss. However, this lasted for only ten minutes and then the crying came. Followed by more. Upon arriving home I still had a little one that only managed to get an hour total sleep all day - and when she wouldn't sleep on her own I layed down with her. Needless to say we were out in two seconds flat, at least I was. Aaron took this photo upon arriving home - we slept (I slept) for 50 minutes (and it was so needed).

.so overexcited for tonight. and today. we are having lunch with Kira & its always fun & great & awesome to hang with her. especially when its at john harbors with their great sandwiches and coffee. .yay day.

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