Tuesday, August 4, 2009

.more about me.

.i wear chapstick. i do not like lipstick. lip gloss is ok. chapstick is better.
.i am a jeans and t-shirt girl. i never wear shorts. unless there pajamas. and i am at home.
.i am the girl you see tapping on the steering wheel and singing, when your at a red light or stop sign.
.i drive without shoes on whenever possible. it just feels better.
.i listen to christian music almost all the time.
.i believe that jack johnson music should be in every ones ring tones.
.i make lists. i cross things off them when i am done.
.my toes are almost always painted.
.i love to walk on the edge of the sidewalk as if it were a balance beam.
.brown is my favorite color. and i don't care that that is weird. i love it so much i made my bridesmaids wear it.
.i have the names of my boys picked out and hope i have two because i have two perfect names.
.i also have another perfect name for another girl. so that would be fine too. not for a while though - this one little girl is enough for now.
.i am not up with the latest trends or fashions. funny because i work in a clothing store. last year when people asked if we had argyle i had to look up what it was.
.i could do crafts all day.
.i like to think i don't drink soda. but the truth is i love diet dr. pepper. root beer. diet coke. and sierra mist with cranberry juice.
.i went to Liberia last year. i still miss it. and i miss seeing mandie everyday. i still believe it was a miracle we only got into one fight. we spent over 40 days together. and only 3 hours apart. total.
.i don't like to capitalize my name.
.this is me. who are you.

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