Wednesday, August 19, 2009


.i love ikea. Yesterday, my sister Hilary & I went to Ikea. She had never been there and I wanted to take her. We ended up spending 5 hours there - it was awesome. I did not buy much but I did get some new glasses, nice ones - ones that don't have a packer or brewer logo on it, anywhere. and I love them. I also found the perfect work space that I would love to have - and someday will have. someday, not soon, but someday. Although I did not get much, I got so many creative ideas and I loved the inspiration that flows from every set up they have. I could probably spend my life in that one store. I hope you like the inspiration too, *pictures up top*.

.today is going to be a day full of cleaning, cooking, and working. I still have to finish all the paper products for my next shop update (sep. 9th) - I gave myself until Friday - and as a reward to all of you (the two that probably read this) I am going to have a give away next week -sometime.

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