Friday, August 21, 2009

.family friday.

.ahhhhhh what a week. I felt like this week flew by, we were jam packed with activities and work & this and that. Luckily, last night Aaron & I got to drop off Lydia and have quality time to ourselves. We had a great time eating at Texas Roadhouse + getting coffee, our whole time was filled with yum.
For a while now we have been looking at houses, always not finding the right one - our budget is low and therefore we come across SCARY looking houses. I mean REALLY SCARY. Aaron said, "I feel like were doing something wrong". But, I assure you, we are not. Later, as Aar was talking about football & sports at the coffee shop I zoned between listening and just looking at him. I didn't care what he was talking about, he was happy and so was I. If we are doing something wrong all this happiness & love would not be there. It was so right. He is so right. We are so right. So, Aar, I am fine with our little apartment if it means more coffee dates and staring at you till my heart can burst. I love you. Everything will come in time. Thank you for a great night.

.today is filled with more. I have lots to do, cleaning, finishing more envelope journals, dropping off a gift for a friend in need, work.... lots. Happy Friday.
*family photo of the week is of Lydia & Aunt Hill, it was taken after our IKEA fun*

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