Monday, August 24, 2009

.envelope journal give away.

.give away. Alright, I said I would have a give away & here it is, an envelope journal. I have been working on these over the past month, and I love them. You can fill them with memories from a trip, put pictures in it & use it as an album, use it as a journal, to tell a story, whatever.
.the journal. This inspiring journal is made from neutral colored textured card stock and printed paper. It holds one signature containing 5 pages (front and back), plus front and back cover pages, waiting for your memories. 22 total places to document and add photos to make it yours. The front and back covers are made of two 5 ¾” x8 ¾” ivory envelopes. Signature is then punched and tied into cover with ribbon. Pages are detailed with likewise color tabs ready for an adventure. Use it as a journal, notebook, mini scrapbook, or photo album. Tell your story and share.
.color combination/printed pages: yellow, red, white, black, blue design print, red design print, blue & red decorative floral print, and red design print with critter.
number:006 -because that's my favorite number
.here are the rules.
Leave a comment this week, August 24th through August 30th September 1st, telling me something new you have been working on in your life. I will select a winner on Monday August 31st Wednesday September 2nd & post by noon (Central Standard Time).
*due to my comment box not working - the give away has been extended. so sorry for the inconvience*


Desiree said...

working again... post away - telling me something new in your life that your working on.... if you don't have anything new just say hi or leave a random comment anything will do. :)

Sharon said...

Hi Des - these envelope journals look fabulous! I am working on getting ready for school---preparing lesson plans, Bible studies, class schedules, etc for our 74 students here at MLHS! School starts Monday! We hope to get out this fall to see you all - meanwhile thanks for the fb pics of your ever beautiful daugher!
Hugs, Sharon

Tina said...

i like you. and i have been working on my blog. :) and being a mom, which is a never ending work in progress, right?? and a follower of the Lord and a good wife i have a lot on my plate! love you!

Holly said...

What a cool idea :) I'm working on getting ready for my first horse show in about 5 years - I've got less than 6 weeks left! Craziness ... Love your blog btw!

Shauna said...

hey! thanks for the comment! This journal looks awesome!! I am currently working on reading more non-fiction books. I've read some really interesting biographies and right now I'm reading The Fine Line and Eat, Pray, Love. And I'm really liking it!!

Anonymous said...

I found you blog through Elisa Blaha's Enjoy It. I love the style of this little journal!

Jess said...

Something new? Well I'm starting my classes next week to prepare for my masters. I'll see you tonight :)

Julia Bremer said...

Hi! I'm a friend of Sharon's and she said you have to see this web site! It is FAB! I do just about anything that get's my creative juices running! Julia

Kristie said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment to come check out your journals, they look great! I hope I win! :} I'm working on being more patient with my kids and my husband and less selfish!

Life is a constant challenge isn't it? But it's good!

FuNkY MoMmY said...

I would love this!!!

raven's craving studios said...

Hey Des :)

It's Meredith.

Something new I've been working on in my life hmm? Well I feel bad for all these other posters saying they are getting ready for school!! :)

Something new I've been working on... selling more jewelry! I had an art fair this weekend and I received a few special orders so I've been working on getting stuff ready for those. One order is for a brand new design of mine, her mother bought the one I had out and she wanted something similar for herself!

I am also working on (physically) my long term weight goal: 130 by 30! Hehe!!