Friday, August 28, 2009


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.changes are upon us. This week marks my last at my work, tonight is my final night.  This is really scary for me but also a bit exciting.  I have felt for some time now that I need to quit, I have felt God telling me to quit & although I have no clue what is next I think it will be good. It's change, and it's needed.
This week flew by again & I feel like I actually took a million photos this week.  I am probably making up for last week.  It was hard to choose just one... so of course there are more of my changing, growing little one.  She is getting so big, so smart, and as always is providing more love. change isn't always bad.
today marks change. Today we get to see Aunt Alyssa, who after spending the summer at camp is starting school, change.  We also are getting a new converter box, because our broke - this is not really change but a fix, change.  And of course my last night at work, change. change isn't always bad.
top photo: Sunday with Grandma - petting Sammy, the smallest of four cats. Lydia loves Sammy - the other 16 pounders not so much.
pool: Sunday afternoon - well, you can see how much she loved that.
park: feeding the ducks & Lydia's reaction.  this is her. I love it.
with mom: last night on our walk - she looks so stinkin cute in that hat.

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Bluebelle said...

Wow that journal is beautiful. And so is your daughter, she looks so cute!