Wednesday, July 22, 2009

.persistent bird.

WOW. Yesterday I was in a funk, a real one that I needed to get out of. I still feel the stress in me, although it has definitely gone down a notch or three. As I was driving home from a friends I thought - maybe this is God telling me to trust in Him more and really dive into the Bible more. Unfortunately, I have yet to do that even though I KNOW it will help. I am like that persistent bird at my parents who keeps trying to fly into the house via the glass window - only to bounce right back (and frequently knock itself out). Why - when I know reading the Bible and praying more - do I still try to do things on my own? Why can't I just enter through the door. The door of possibilities - God's door, His word. Ugh, such a funk. Through the words of Nike - Just Do It, and your life will be all the more better for it. Here I go.

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Bluebelle said...

I needed to hear this today so much. I had a day where everything just seemed slightly off and I kept thinking of reading the bible or having a prayer time but never quite did it. Thanks for the reminder, I'm off to do it now.