Wednesday, July 8, 2009

.new projects.

No I have not disappeared, gotten lost, or injured in anyway. I have just been plain busy. And, I am only getting busier next week... so I may not post again for a while, but I will try. I easily tier from project to project and I love starting new ones before I finish. I don't know if that is just how I am or if others do it too. But learning about something completely different and giving it a go makes me feel good. And I will return to those old projects someday, maybe not soon - but someday.

Here is the new project and area I have been focusing on lately: a mini book. I made this one out of a thank you card (thank you Erin). I glued the card to some cardboard to thicken it up and then folded sheets of paper inside. I then bound the paper, cover, and back together. I did not
really have one stitch I used - I kinda just made it up. I am going
to try however to use a Coptic bound stitch on a couple more I plan on making. I hope you enjoy looking at it - I think its beautiful :) Oh, and if you have any pointers on book making or Coptic stitch please share!
Oh... and an extra special HAPPY FOUR MONTHS LYDIA! I love you little girl :)
For the rest of the day my focus will be on keeping Lydia happy - poor thing got poked and prodded bright and early this morning for her check up & then got some nasty shots to top that off. She did quite well, but I do see a long walk to the farmers market in the making - stroller rides are usually a happy time for all.

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Bluebelle said...

That's a really cute idea, I like it a lot! I'm working on my own mini book at the moment but it's a secret from my husband so it's not being blogged about!