Wednesday, July 29, 2009

.enough already.

enough already. I always say I am going to update my shop and then I don't - I start making crafty goodness for other people and to give away. So now I am giving myself a date... something to help me focus on.... an end to this constant hum in my mind... a goal. I have been having oodles of fun making books and journals - so that is what will be in my shop. My shop will be updated on Wednesday August 12th. This is so that I can actually get my stuff in order first - and its my husbands Birthday on the 11th, so I want to make sure he gets a proper celebration. Below are sneak peaks at my upcoming shop update. Plus ONE - SHE is so stinkin cute today.

Yay. now that THATS done and set in stone - in STONE I tell you. I have a Brewer game and dinner to get at. Have a wonderful day :)

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