Thursday, June 25, 2009

.song and dance.

Today's Go-venture is song & dance. When I first saw the prompt I thought, oh crap, what can I possibly do that would be as lovely as singing and as graceful as a dance? However the more I thought about it, the more I realized my life is a song & dance. I am always on the go, always singing in some weird key, and always doing my lifes dance. Right now my life is spinning, dancing, singing and revolving around one beautiful little girl. Right now SHE IS my song & dance. So little Liddy - I created a collage for you. This is our little song & dance. I love you more then any word could say, then any picture could show. I love you with my whole heart. I am excited to watch you grow and play, to sing and dance without holding back. This is our song & dance.
Go & Enjoy this day full of song & dance!

Lydia Ann -

.:life is a dance:. .:love without holding back:. .:dance:. .:sing:. .:love:. .:dance the dance:. .:dream:. .:smile:. .:sing with your whole heart:. .:hold nothing back:. .:give life your song & dance:.

I LOVE YOU - mom


Sasha Rose said...

What a beautiful and touching collage!! I love the way you made the connection between "same song and dance" and YOUR sound and dance!
Love it!

Bluebelle said...

That is really cute! When she's older she will love that, what a great memory collage to have!