Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today's Go-Venturing Prompt: Pockets. Oh pockets I love you - oh yes I do! I had an idea of what to do before I even finished the word, pocket.
About a month ago I was on a walk and on my walk I met an interesting lady. She talked to me about how nice the weather was and I agreed, it was a beautiful day. She then told me she only wore her jacket because it had pockets and her pants did not, and she needed a place for her key. She declared that she hated those purple pants and declared that all cloths should have pockets. I agree, yes suri.
That lady was my inspiration for the day. I drew a picture of her (and her walker) and the path we were on. I drew it on cheap paper taped together. Yuck. Blah. Never again. Then I drew what she wished what she hoped and possibly what she dreamed of, herself as a little girl in a dress with pockets. I then wrote all around the picture and added some color with equally cheap water colors. Which kinda ruined it, because the paper was so thin it riped - However, I gave it a try and now I know why I hardly paint, no never paint. And I also know why I should draw on better paper. Although I wreaked it, I had fun and it will always remind me of that sweet old lady. :)

Once again a thank you to Kal and Elise for letting us play your game. You brought it. And were giving it our all.

She had no pockets.
The lady wanted pockets.
And so she dreamed.
Days full of pockets.
All things with pockets.
Little dresses with pockets.
Purple pants with pockets.
All things with pockets.
She wanted pretty purple pockets.
Someday she will have.
All things.
With lovely Perfect Purple Pockets.


Just for fun here is my husbands idea of pockets: hot, tasty, yummy pockets.


Bluebelle said...

I like that, it's so true! I hate it when I go out and realise I have no pockets - I share this lady's dream of perfect purple pockets.

Tori said...

Haha. Love it. I love your husband's take on these, they're hilarious.