Monday, June 22, 2009

.green + dizzy.

A couple days ago I was reading my favorite blog, [i] love life, by artist Kal Barteski. Her and this other girl Elise decided to have an artist duel, a match, a challenge, a thrill. They are going to be designing and making artsy stuff all week long challenging each other (and the rest of us) to be creative. They have called it Go-Venture and the first clue was: green + dizzy. I have decided to do my take and see if I can keep up with the big girls -you know the professional artists. Ha - which has me laughing right about now because although I am creative, I am no artist - at all. But what the heck it will be fun and I am always up for fun.
Green + Dizzy
When I first thought of green + dizzy I wanted to sew a pinwheel on a quilt - a little applique. I knew though that time would be an issue and that I would not be able to get that done. Then I started thinking I would take pictures of myself spinning around in the grass, because lets face it green + dizzy makes you automatically think of a little girl spinning in circles till she gets sick - however when I went to snap some shots the clouds took over and my shadow went missing. So, instead I just grabbed a spinning picture I took while in Liberia and used photo bucket and paint (I know I am real classy) to change it to green and spin some stuff around.

So Kal & Elise here is my take:

And here is my husbands:


EliseBlaha said...

fun! thank you for joining in!

Bluebelle said...

Found you via Elise's site/the Go challenge! This is cute, it makes me think of people all around the world reaching out to each other. :)