Wednesday, June 17, 2009

.fat quarter.

So, I have been having a really rough day. I am in the process of sleep training Lydia - and today was a not so fun one. She is usually pretty good at going to sleep but her stress level has been high due to major diaper rash, gas bubbles, and teething pain. This little one is taking a lot in and in returen she freaks out at me. And I am not too great in the soothing department these days, because I feel the crying is constant. I honestly thought the parenting gig would be a lot easier then it has been. I suppose I just need to take it one day at a time... sometimes one minute at a time. And I need to lean on God more, and trust that everything will be alright. I love you little girl, even on these days.

On the brighter side of life - I received a fat quarter in the mail today. This came as part of the Sew Into Summer Fat Quarter Swap hosted by Two Hippos. I was extremely excited that something pretty came in the mail! It's so nice to open up a package of craft. This fat quarter came from craftytammie and I absolutely adore it. Thank you soooo much Tammie! This has definitely brightened up my day, now I just need to think of what to do with it.... oh the possibilities.

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hil said...

hang in there dez, you are a wonderful mommy!