Wednesday, June 17, 2009

.craft hope.

A little while ago, like two weeks, I saw this website: craft hope ... and thought maybe someday I can participate. The last project they did was they made dolls to distribute in Nicaragua. By the time I found the site there was only about one week left to make and send a doll. Since I am not one to make a doll in the first place I figured I would just wait until the next project showed up.
Well, now is my chance to participate. They just posted their newest project - which is making a baby blanket! How fun and easy is that, I am really excited to participate and would ask that anyone reading this would consider joining me as well. The blankets are going to be going all the way to India! How awesome it will be to know that something I make will be blessing a baby all the way around the World. I am really excited and cannot wait to start the project & send off my love to help babies in need.

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