Thursday, May 7, 2009

.gotta get my sew on.

Ok... so I know that over a month ago I posted about starting to sew. But then reality kicked in and I needed to take care of my baby. Lydia is officially two months tomorrow, and takes up most of my time - which she should. I love taking care of a baby and I love knowing she solely depends on me. I also love that God has given her to me, I feel so lucky sometimes... most of the time actually. Lydia, I love you - but I gotta get my sew on. Before she was born I would sew to de-stress, now I need to more then ever.
I have been spending a lot of time on websites (when I am feeding her... multitasking is great) looking at things I want to make and wishing I had the time. Today is the day to start. So tonight when Aaron gets home I am gonna get my sew on. And today's schedule, ha if I can call it that, will require me to go to the craft store to get some fabric or thread... or something. Because look out machine TONIGHT I AM GETTING MY SEW ON!!!
Can't Wait :)

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