Monday, April 27, 2009

yellow duck

Thank you yellow duck for all you do. Lydia loves you and often just hangs out staring at you, letting me get some extra needed things done around the house. I love that she is completely happy when you are swinging around.

And what is love: Jesus. Our family is so blessed to have him be the center of every relationship. What a wonderful and awesome gift God gives his people through trusting in Jesus name. I can only hope and pray that Lydia will hold him in her heart as she grows. I have found complete peace when I trust in him and follow his ways. This week I have been studying the book of Ruth as it is my favorite book in the Bible. I love it and am in awe at this glorious story.

This weekend was amazing, we did absolutely nothing - and it was all I thought it would be and more. Now that we are refreshed we can start a new day and week.

Today's agenda - lunch with Kira, grocery shopping, and cleaning.
ready. set. launch.

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