Thursday, April 30, 2009

work and date

Wow - What a week. This week has been full of new activity's that have been keeping me going. Tuesday we went to a Brewer game that Lydia decided to protest against, even though they actually won. She thought it was too loud and decided she would rather cry then cheer. Poor girl - that will teach us to bring her to the game. It is actually more work then fun & I am considering a babysitter for the remaining games. However, because she was awake in protest for so long she slept from 11 to 6, yaaaaaaay!

As for last night, it was my first night back to work. I was nervous for myself and for Aaron. But upon arriving home, Lydia was sleeping and all was fine. And, I didn't have to hear her during her nightly fuss routine - so it seemed to work out just fine. :)

Tonight will be our first night away from her as a couple. I feel like it has been forever since Aaron and I have hung out together, and husband & wife time is desperately needed. We are grateful to have a friend come and watch her, but also kinda nervous at the fact that we will both be away from her.

Another thing to set my nerves on fire today - I am watching the Lasnoski children this afternoon. The two girls are 3 (almost) and 1 (almost) and then of course Lydia 8 weeks (almost). We will see how it goes.... I think a lot of prayer will be required.

As for prayer and time with the Lord, I have found myself leaning on him more then ever. It's nice actually, knowing that God is on my side through all I do. I know I can lean on him in every situation. I just finished my study on Ruth - which was great. It is my favorite book in the entire Bible. It always has been, I don't exactly know why. But I truly love it and could read that book many, many more times without growing tired of it.

My next study will be with Aaron on the Song of Songs. I am excited to start it with him, it has been a while since we did a study together. We are usually doing our own, or doing one with the other Bible studies we are in. So doing a study together is almost always on the back burner. But its time to turn the front burner on again and make it a priority.
The picture was from the first day we brought Lydia home... so stinkin cute!

That's it for now. ready. set. get going. clean.

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