Friday, April 24, 2009

Three Characters

Hello Sunshine. Where have you been all my life, or at least winter? Since it finally decided to be warm today we went for a long walk. And when I say long, I mean it. The original reason for the walk was to stop by the post office or a mailbox to drop off a couple letters - some thank you notes that were still looming around our coffee table. Unfortunately the letters have now just moved into my purse.

On our walk we meet some interesting characters. Three to be exact. The first was a boy who needed a phone because he ran away from school, or as he told me, walked out. I don't know what school but as I talked with him I was thinking: I don't think I would have ever had the guts to do that & two what the crap kid, school is not that bad. None the less I directed him to the police station where I said they would probably let him use the phone - mine was lost in my purse underneath a plethora of baby things, movies, and my sweater (which I totally should have kept at home since it was mid 80's). Hope you made it home kid.

Number two was in the coffee shop. This lady was a hoot. I mean really - a woman in her 80's or 90's (I can't tell after a certain age) came in her walker into the coffee shop. She came right up to me, although I have never even seen her, and asked me to write down my name - so I did, because lets face it you can't really say no to an elderly lady when they ask you to do something. Then she looked at it and started telling me what my name means and my fortune. How weird, right? Although she was different she made me smile, Thanks for brightening up my day.

Then we have tres. She was another elderly lady in her walker. So cute that they all come out when it gets warm - I truly love seeing them walk around town not just boarded up in the retirement home next to where we live. Anyhow, this lady was adorable. She talked to me about how nice the weather was and I agree, its a beautiful day. She then told me she only wore her jacket because it had pockets and her pants did not, and she needed a place for her key. She declared that she hated those pants and that all clothing should have pockets. I agree, yes sari.

Now that were home - it's dinner. walk. movie. sleep.

Ready. Set. Go.

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